Clan of Stork's Outlander

Clan of Stork’s Outlander x Firstprizebears Liz Taylor

With some help of our Schoko the stork brang us 9 puppies at 17 May. Proud dad is Clan of Stork’s Outlander.

Clan of Stork’s OutlanderShilstone Craftsman
HD 5:5, Eyes Clear
Ch. Potterdale PiscesPotterdale Paddington
Shenendoa Star of Potterdale
Shilstone Foreign Affair
HD 2:3
Ch. Firstprizebears Lukachukai
Atherleigh Cornflower at Shilstone
Clan of Stork’s KookiedohINT-NL-B-LUX-CR-CZ-SLO Ch. Firstprizebears HitchkockHD-B1, Eyes-clearS Ch. Svassas Born To ImpressHD-A, Eyes-clear
INT-B-D-VDH-LUX-NL-FIN-S Ch. Firstprizebears Donna SummerHD-A2, Eyes-clear
Clan of Stork’s Fourth of JulyCh. Heathermist Everybody’s Business
Ch. Clan of Stork’s Champagne
INT-ISR-B-NL-D-VDH Ch. Firstprizebears Liz TaylorHD-A2, Eyes-clearCaramac Change The BeatHD 5:6, Eyes-clearRamsgrove Rumba JWHD-AGB-SE-N-FIN Ch. Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove JWHD-A
INT-NL-B-NL-D-VDH-LUX-CZ-PL-WW-2000 Ch. Firstprizebears Very BrownHD-A, Eyes-clear
Caramac CampanologyHD 3:4GB Ch. Brenriga Give’n’ Take For Ruartha JWHD 3:4
GB Ch. Caramac Chrystal Clear JWHD 5:4
P-ESP Ch. Firstprizebears Heidi KlumHD-B Eyes-clearS Ch. Svassas Born To ImpressHD-A Eyes-clearINT-PL-D-VDH-DK Ch. Saudade De ShaleemarHD-A
INT-S FIN-N-DK-NORDIC Ch. Alistair’s Watch OutHD-A
INT-B-D-VDH-LUX-NL-FIN-S Ch. Firstprizebears Donna SummerHD-A2, Eyes-clearCoalacre Cruisin To SnikklesHD 3:3
INT-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH Ch. Firstprizebears Z’tampaHD-B, Eyes-clear