2 November 2017

14 years old Cony and Carmel


Gabirela Gesi from Hungary worte:

Today my sweet CONY ( Super Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island) celebrates her 14th Birthday! Unbelivable how fast time runs! Can’t count how many things happened to us in these years! Good and bad things happened, but we were always together! We 2! She is our Baby, even now! Happy and funny! Still the same crazy puppy who arrived by plane at Christmas time from Conny! Everybody fell in love with her amazing character when she has arrived! And she hasn’t changed since then! We met a lot of friends around the world through her! Because she is THE CONY! Many people call her THE “Cony Island”! My Happy, crazy” puppy”! Happy Birthday sweetheart Cony! Be my funny, happy, crazy, running girl for a long long time more!

and her Littersister Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Carmel from Regina Gerasimenko/Russia