14 May 2012

2 weeks

Friday we had to take pictures already of the puppies, because….. on Saturday and Sunday I had to go to a show and would be back late on Sunday night. During the week, Harry is not home and to make pictures of the puppies all by yourself is very difficult. Therefore you have to be content with the 10 day old pictures instead of the 14 day ones.

Smokey’s puppies do break all records! They are so heavy with two weeks in comparison with Summers puppies with 3 weeks. Against all rules they have trippled their weight within 14 days. The little male of 250 gr, today weighs already 1000 gr. He is 4 times as heavy as at birth. The eyes are opened now and they try to coordinate their 4 little legs, something that is complicated with such a weight. With an increase in weight as they do, extra feeding would be ridiculous. So we will wait for a couple of days.

Of this litter one male is for sale.

10 days Smokey Hitch puppies