6 May 2012

2 weeks old

On Friday, “Summer’s” puppies were 2 weeks old. They had to be weighed and get the obliged wormcure. This time they didn’t hate it that much. The anti-worm pasta directly in their little mouth and immediately docked on to a nipple. They drank immediately and everything was well. Only half of the welpingbox is covered with a cloth. They switched to a so called “Dry-Bed” and the front half is covered with papers. See how fast they have discovered this and do their pee on a newspaper. The dry-bed almost stays dry. Today we have given them canned “Terra Canis” for puppies for the first time. Lamb with pumpkin ans zuccini heated to 38 degrees and served on a platter. After having slided in it and smeared it all over the place, they discovered that you can also eat it. 3 of them were brave and ate a lot. The other 2 didn’t like it and where complaining. All beginning are difficult.

Summer and her puppies on a dry-bed next to the welpingbox. In the meantime I can clean the welpingbox.

6 weeks Summer and Kids

the 2 gentlemen totally relaxed for the pictures

2 weeks 2 reutjes

the 3 ladies thought it was all a bit dangerous and where not that relaxed for the photo-shoot.

2 weken 3 meisjes