18 December 2020

Good news from Ella

Our dear Mrs. Cocozza writes:

I’m so happy

In this very different year .. which has demanded a lot from us all and no end is in sight .. I am happy, grateful and extremely proud of my sweet Ella for the third time in a row she became the most successful Bearded Collie bitch of our Club of British Sheepdogs

I would like to thank the Club for British Sheepdogs  e.V. of our National Group Lower Saxony for the beautiful certificate.


Congratulations, Ella is just great!


Here are 2 young Ladies who are in the starting blocks to go into the show ring:

Firstprizebears Santa Barbara,

owned by Gabrielle Gecsei from Hungary. These two were lucky enough to be able to take part in some exhibitions in Hungary during Corona times with great success.

12 months old in the photos


In England, Firstprizebears San Francisco is at home with Althea Richardson, who unfortunately could not make the entire show career as a puppy and youngster. There were and are no shows in England.