2,5 weeks old and topfit.

Saturday it was time again for the weekly photosession. The puppies are walking all by themselves thru the welpingbox. Although a little unstable on their little feet. They bark and purr at eachother and they frighten themselves with all these sounds. Porridge by Terra Canis mixed with Esbilac puppymilk is what they have learned to eat. However, they swim more in the pulp than they eat. Suddenly they understand that it is also something to eat. Afterwards there is the big cleaning action, but that belongs to the life of a breeder.

During dinner we have to help them, to show them the plate and to learn that the pulp can be eaten.


Afterward they are tired and have to seleep first


After the beautysleep there is the weekly photosession. First the gentlemen than the ladies.

2,5-wkn-boys 2,5-wkn-girls

And than there is time for relaxing for Mother Coco and also for the breeder.