8 September 2011

European Champion Show Leeuwarden/NL

Last weekend was the Mammoth Show in Leeuwarden/NL. Here was the European FCI Jubilee Show. Thursday there was a CAC Show, in which Mrs. Mach from Switzerland judged the Beardies. Firstprizebears had 2 dogs in the race, being “Firstprizebears Jerry Lewis” and “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger”. Jerry came, together with his owner, from the 2500 Kilometer far Moscow and got a very good 3 in the Youth Class. His sister Jade Jagger, who lives with Ingrid and Miriam in Deventer/NL, had a second place with excellent.

 Saturday was the Club Show from the new Bearded Collie Club. Thank God we managed to keep alle Firstprizebears away from this show. This club, shouldn’t get any support at all. The thoughts of the people behind this club is to my opinion scandalous.

 Sunday was the big day. Mr. Korosz from Hungary was the judge with the Beardies. Instinctively 50% of the 55 present Beardies where Hungarian.  With a registration fee of € 70 in January up to € 95 in June, none of the exhibitorss received a souvenir or something like that. No judge report nothing, just a very thin piece of A4 paper called Diploma.

 In the Youth Class Males, Denis and his “Firstprizebears Jerry Lewis” had to be satisfied with a very good. Hitchkock (Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock), again, had no pleasure in running and had to be dragged thru the ring. He not really has a pleasure at shows and therefore we decided that this was his last show. What his future will be with him is written in the stars. Anyway he recieved an Excellent. Ingrid showed her beautiful brown “Firstprizebears Hazelcourt” in the Open Class and also only received a very good. Why will always be a riddle. She ran perfectly and looked beautiful. All hope was now set on Lilli (Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt) who was entered in the Champions Class. Here she met the eight year old Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island, who came together with Gabriela and the Muzlais from Hungary. Yes…. Cony Island won, but we ended 4th!! This was, simply said, enough and not correctly in our eyes. If Lilli was not supposed to win, she at least, should have been 2nd behind Cony Island. But the line of judging continued in the Veterans Class. Ethel Somer had entered her 9 year old Ch. “Firstprizebears Blue Lagoon”, who was in a top condition. She lost against the 13 year old bitch owned by Mr. Jennel from Czeque, who showed a tragedy and better had stayed at home on the couch and enjoying her old age.

 All in all a very poor and disappointing Show. In the future we will look into it very well, before we spend and invest all the money, time and effort into shows like these.

 On the onther hand we can’t complain too much, because:

 Best of Breed and European Winner  went to Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island owners Gabriela Gesi and the Fam. Muzslai . The 2 juniorclass winner were children by Cony Island and bred by the Fam. Muszlai. The Best Male came together with his owner Hans-Eric Pedersen from Denmark and is a son from Firstprizebears Chatooga. He was bred by Wendy Hines in the UK.

BOS Ramsgrove Prime Time, and BOB  Firstprizeberars Cony Island


Helen Hunt en Cony Island

  Firstprizebears Helen Hunt and Cony Island