16 April 2012

3 weeks old

Last Friday the puppies were already 3 weeks old. At this day, they also moved to kindergarden. Anna Schmidt was visiting and wanted to see how everything works sooo badly. So, before her returnflight to Hamburg, the “movingbox” including content, namely 7 puppies, moved. Ofcourse everything was very exciting and they had to get used to all new things. But after the hot water bottle-sheep was there, everything was back to normal. They also have a small basket were they can hug, just big enough for all 7. We have tried if the ladies en gentlemen wanted food, but that was no succes. Since yesterday they slowly started to nibble at some “Terra Canis”.  Heidi is simply said a supermom and has her milkbar filled all they way.

Our 3 males

3 weken 3 reuen

for the 4 ladies, there was hardly enough room in the basket

3 weken 4 teven

A happy Anna. She helped for 3 days with enjoying the puppies. We do all miss her.

Anna ganz glücklich