22 April 2012

4 weeks old

Halfway! Our 7 pieces of gold are now 4 weeks old and within another 4 weeks it is by the time that they will leave us. Time flies. To make pictures, it is not good when it is raining all day long. Luckily we had a sunbeam in between. We used that one, but the umbrella stood in the background to be used just in case. The puppykennel has been enlarged fully now and was directly inspected. Food is now mixed with REGAL Puppybites. For the first time they had minced meat today. This was as a compensation for the terrible wormcure paste.  For the rest, we all are satisfied and do Mama Heidi and I enjoy the late evening hours, when both of us hugh the puppies.

The 3 males

4 weeks males

the 4 ladies

4 weeks girls

specially for Xandra, “Babettje”

4 weken Babettje

enjoying, Puppies make you happy

4 weeks big love