23 May 2012

5 days old

With Smokey and her puppies everything is fine. She is an excellent mummy. The puppies are full and satisfied. The smallest one, who weigh 250 gr at birth has doubled his weight now. That is, for a beardiepupy , a worldrecord. The other 4 fat puppies grow well, but will not have doubled their weight  on monday.

Because “Summer” is occupying the other welphingbox in the kitchen, Smokey had to move into the livingroom. The stupid warmthlamp gives so mucht light that you can hardly sleep on the couch at night. After having been on guard for six nights, it was a pleasure to sleep in my own bed last night. Harry was on nightshift an couldn’t sleep well either because of the lamp. But what can you do, the puppies needs to have it warm. Better rings under the eyes of the breeder.

The names are: Lake Tahoe, Lincoln, Laredo, Laremie und Long Island

Smokey and her puppies

5 tage Smokey und kids

none of them wanted to look into the camera…..

5 Tage

it simply was too crowded in the basket, so our little one laid himself on top.

5 Tage one on top