16 May 2013

7.5 weeks old

Sunday we had the weekly obliged photo shoot for our 4 Lilli puppies. The group picture is a must, but this time all 4 had to stand individually to show themselves in their full glory. The first vaccination, the chip another worm cure and a decent investigation they have conquered with pride. Our veterinarian was more than satisfied with the puppies. Mama “Lilli” doesn’t want to be with the puppies any longer and her milk bar is almost empty. Now she is a couch potato again with Eef and Thei. Father Lasse and Auntie Doro have taken over the pleasure role for the little ones.

For one bitch we are still searching a new address.

Our 4 beautiful children, Mia Farrow, Meryl Streep, Marilyne Monroe and Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson


Mia Farrow “Maxima”


Marilyne Monroe


and Meryl Streep “Prada”


afterwards, father Lasse came by to play.