26 February 2015

Afternoon nap

Last week Friday, was a day full mof rain. None of the dogs wanted to go out. The owner had no fun in going for a walk with them. In the livingroom it is nice, warm and cosy. The ideal place for and afternoon nap. Of course Prada lays on the couch.

Prada Sleeping

Doro lays on Texas’ spot in front of the couch.

Doro sleeping

due to this he had to sleep in the Kitchen.

Terxas sleeping

King lays on his favorite spot, between couch and couch table with his feet on the bottom part of the table.

King sleeping

and Niki was settled on the other couch, until King cam over to acompany her. After all they got “married”recently and are awaiting babies.

King and Niki on the couch

June lays with a filled belly, full of puppies in front of the sideboard. Schoko was with her puppies and Lasse was sitting in the dryer, as he had been washed and had to get dry.

June sleeping