24 June 2012

All kinds of things

Firstprizebears Knightdale,  from the litter from Gunsmoke and Hitchkock has finished his hip investigation with an A2 result.

Firstprizebears John FK,  who is living in Ireland was succesfull again last weekend. In Sword he became BOB under judge Mrs. Kremser from Austria and the next day at the Specialty of Group 1 & 2 also BOB and later BIG3. Judge here was Mrs. Brand from Australia.

On sunny Satarday, during the Oudoor Show in Uden/NL, Firstprizebears Frostproof, owned by P. Soesters was succesfull. He won the Open Class. Vicky van Tiggelen and her Beat-It, had to be content with a 2nd place.

“Guff” Martens alias Clanyardbay Mac Guffy  had received a gift from me. A purple Ridgy-Pad. That was for her victory and the gaining of the Title of Dutch Champion on 09 June 2012. Not that Guffy is so fond of colours, but she is complete obsessed by these pillows and purple is the favorite colour of her owner Eef Martens.

Guffy Pink Ridgi Pad

Unfortunately we also have received a sad message from Xandra and her Babettje. Babbettje was the clown out of the Heidi Klum litter. Last night, during a walk, she was bitten in het face by a Bullterrier. Both new eachother from walks they had had earlier, but hadn’t seen eachother for a longer time. The dog bit Babette without any warning and didn’t want to let her go. Everything was covered with blood and Xandra totally paniced. In less than no time they were on their way to the duty veterinarian in Venlo/NL. This young girl, a finished studied veterinarian as it seems, made pictures and used plaster to keep the mouth of babettje closed. They were told that Babettje had to take fluid food for the next six weeks. Xandra immediatley had her thoughts with this action, but the battery of her cellphone was down. So she used the one from her friend Monique. However, my number was not in this phone, but the one from Eef Martens, who is momentarely on vacation in Italie. She gave me a call last night around 22.00 hrs and explained the situation. Immediate reaction was necessary. Im case of emergencies, we have the privat number of our veterainarin Liesbeth Vanholen. She immediately was prepared to speak with Xandra. Today at 17.00 hrs, Babettje has an apointment for an operation, whereby the cracked upper jaw will be fixed. So keep your fingers crossed that everything will go well. The dutch veterinarion will be reported to the Veterianarian Disciplinary Committee.