9 March 2017

All Shownews march 2017

In the “High North” of the Netherlands lies Groningen and every year in spring (although it was only 4 degrees ….) there is a CACIB show, which was on Saturday the 4th March 2017. The young judge Maikel Koot / NL judged the Bearded Collies.
Anne-Marie Zoontjens and her husband Anne Vermeulen did not make the long trip in vain. Her “Prisca” “Firstprizebears Priscilla Presley” won the youth class, Best Bitch and Best of Breed, all at the tender age of 13 months. Mamma Prada and Papa Smit have been a successful duo and have beautiful children.
“Prisca” is now Dutch Youth Champion. She has all the points needed for the title of Dutch Champion, but she has to reach 27 months to do so. This is a luxury Problem!

Anne-Marie Zoontjens  with  Firstprizebears Priscilla Presley   NL-JCh.

FPB Priscilla Presley

On Sunday 5th March 2017, there was an open show in Herve / Belgium for the first time. Being an open show, this means that nothing was awarded towards the Belgian Championship. The German general judge Mr. Dr. Peper judged the 7 registered Bearded Collies. All except one received a very good. The only one with excellent was the litter brother of “Priscilla Presley” and “Pat Boone” namely “Firstprizebears Percy Sledge” owned by Xavier Pottiez. Also, this teenager is only 13 months old. The judge spoke very highly about “Percy.” This wonderful day had more ‘icing on the cake’ for Xavier and his Percy. Percy won the best of group 1 with a italian Judge Mr. T. Ripoli. Prada and I are both so proud of our Kids

FPB Proud Percy Herve BIG 1

February was a successful month for Percy and Pat Boone.
On the 25th February Petra Hähner was at the National Show in Erfurt / GER. The Hungarian Andreas Korocz judged the Beardies on the first day. At home with Petra Hähner, “Firstprizebears Pat Boone” is called ‘Scotty’, and he just made Best of Breed in the youth class. Mrs. Van Bossche was in the champion class with her “Tobi” Multi Ch. “Firstprizebears King Cole” and finished 1st.
On the second day at the Int-Show in Erfurth / GER, “King Cole” won Best of Breed with the general judge Mr. Assenmacher/GER.
Petra Hähner with the judge Mr. Korocz and BOB “Firstprizebears Pat Boone” who is only 13 months old !!!!
FPB Pat Boone Erfurt BOB
 There was the double show in Minsk / Belarus this weekend. “Pepsi” was there from the start and had 2 wonderful days. He won Best of Breed and group 1 on both days. On the first day, he won 4th best in show and on 2nd day 3rd Best in Show. “Pepsi” is officially called “Ch. Firstprizebears Kokokola”. He is owned by Tatiana Stavikovas. At these two exhibitions he was groomed, pampered and shown by Elena Levina. Photos are by Boris Glukharev
The judges on the first day:

Zaza Omarov (Georgia) Bester der Gruppe 1
Juan Navedo Carrero (Spain) Best in Show 4

FPB Kokokola
25.02.2017 BOB – 1BIG – 3BIS

Juan Navedo Carrero (Spain)  Rasse und Gruppe 1
Frederica Lochs-Romans (The Netherlands)

Firstprizebears Kokakola Firstprizebears Kokakola

Last but not least is “Willa” in February. Frau Hellwig was with her 10 year old “Ch. Firstprizebears Greenville” at the special breeding show in Tostedt near Hamburg. Here the Irish woman Ms. Buthler was judging. Willa won Best Veteran in Show. Great girl!
willa Best Veteran in Show Tostedt willa Best Veteran in Show Tostedt1