27 April 2017

Aspen 06-05-2001 died on 05-04-2017

Patricia Soeters has written:

Sometimes time stands still..
Last weekend we had to say goodbye to our gorgeous old lady, my dearest Aspen. Almost 16 years old…
She came to us when she was 6 and from day 1 she took over my pack. She has been the leader of our doggies for so many years, respected by everyone in our house, both dog, cat and human, till the last day of her life.
Aspen had an impressive showcareer, but I am sure her breeder, Cornelia Loest can tell you all about that.
But to me she was “just” Aspen, my sweet lady, diva in the house.
We will miss you so much 🙁
Run free girl, and I am sure you will still be watching over us
“Firstprizebears Aspen”, 06-05-2001 – 15-04-2017

Photos by Patricia Soeters

Aspen was a phenomenon in the exhibition ring. Together with her famous brother “Apache”, who was the first foreign Bearded Collie to win the famous Crufts and became English Champion in 3 consecutive shows in the UK, this sibling pair was a winnerteam. She came from a very famous litter. Her father lived in the USA and was 12.5 years old when he mated her mother “Firstprizebears Very Brown”. It was the famous “Ch. Windfiddlers Still Crusin”. Almost the entire litter of 10 puppies has become champion and went into the breed and have proved themselves successful as  dam and sires. “Aspen” was a wonderful mother broodbitch and gave me very beautiful children. For six years I have enjoyed her magical nature, and once again shoved all the holes that Apsen dug with devotion. Apsen loved the “garden design” in her way. I am indefinitely grateful to Patricia Soeters and her family that Apen was able to live with her for the last 10 years and was spoiled as a Beardie queen.

A Bearded Collie Diva has gone from us.

Internationl- Dutch- Belgium-Luxemburg-German and German Kennelclub Champion

FCI European Ch. 2003, Winner Amsterdam 2003

Firstprizebears Aspen