19 April 2019

Shows April 2019

April was not our month, no Firstprizebear was in first place ……

Monika Fuss’s beautiful “Firstprizebears Pikes Peak” had to compete at the Int. Show in Zwolle / Nl settle for 3rd place in the open class of 3 registered males. I first thought that he was 1st and 2nd 2nd and 3rd 3rd. But no it was the other war round  …… It was so clear.

Judge was Mrs. C. Kerssemeijer / NL Photo courtesy of Thierry Caron and Delpine Camus.

from left to right:  1. Platz Beardie Connentions Quintion, 2. Platz Winsdale Indigo 3. Platz Firstprizebears Pikes Peak


Ms. Anne Otto does not want to be seen on my Facebook page or on my homepage. She even took the time to consult a lawyer. I do not understand why, as she usually wins. Does she fear that other people will find the other dogs more beautiful in the photo? Well, modern times! Since August 2016 I lost the desire to exhibit Bearded Collies. You can read the reason for this on my homepage at the news about Shows  in August 2016 about the Brussels show. In August 2014 at the show in Mechelen, the same woman who complained had a very best friend who took very unfavorable photos of me while I was in the ring. They had so much fun showing them on Facebook. Why does this woman not enjoy her victories (I can write a book on how to do this) and have a good time?!


Later we had photosession with  “Pikes Peak

On April 6th and 7th there was a double show in Colmar / F. Family Knuchel was participating with their  “Paddy” Ch. Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy “Judges were the  siblings Mrs. B. Müller / CH and Mrs. C. Bailey / GB . Mrs. Müller gave him an Excellent 2 in Champion class and Excellent 2 for Mrs. Bailey with Res-CACIB

On 14.4.2019 on the Int. Show in Chemnitz / GER  the German collie breeder Mr. Wirth was the judge . The Kirmis family competed in the champion class with “Sally” Firstprizebears Pasadena and finished second.  Ms. Cocozza showed her “Ella” for the first time in Open Class . “ Firstprizebear’s Q’Walnutcreek ” received an Excellent 2nd place

Mr.  Kirmis with his”Sally”,                                                                                     Mrs. Cocozza with her  “Ella”


Sue Jones was in on the road in  England with her “Lola” on an open show from the Bearded Collie Club. Unfortunately, I always wait for the names of the places and the judges ……. is a bit of a hassle to get all the info. Anyway, on April 6, 20120, Firstprizebears Ro Grande went  Best Puppy Bitch and 2nd  in Minor Puppy Bitch

this expression from the Firstprizebears Beardies whether show dog or beloved family dog ​​is just great.

Ch. Firstprizebears Johnny Cash from Italy                                 Ch. Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy from Switzerland           Firstprizebears Rio Grande from UK







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