30 August 2019

Shows August 2019

Marita Gintere was on her  return from vacationin th  mood  to meet us  at the exhibitionon  on 10/11. 8.2019 in Ludwighafen / GER . Her two very sporty sons accompanied her. We met in the evening in the hotel. After I had  inspected every hair on “Jenny” Firstprizebears Q’Jennifer Lopez, we went out for dinner together. Mrs. R. Blessing / GER judged the 28 Beardies. “Jenny” was in the heavily occupied intermediate class, which she won with flying colors. Regrettably, she was only Res-Best Bitch, which did not spoil the day.

The great movement of “Jenny” Ch. Firstprizebars Q’Jennifer Lopez, 21 months old.


left best bitch  “Beauty of blue Lake Hinda owner mrs. au Dressel, Right s Marita Gintere with her Jenny

our base on the show

On 17./18.8.2019 it was a gigantic weekend for the Firstprizebears on the double show in Innsbruck / A. Family Knuchel had traveled with Paddy “Ch. Firstprizebears Patrich Duffy” from Switzerland. Of course, then Fernando Suney must not be missed, without  “Paddy “actually does not want to go in the ring. Also from Switzerland Ms. Müller arrived with her Ch. “Firstprizebears Oscar de la Renta”. Fernando has such a big heart and has also taken care of “Oscar” and gave him the finishing touch. Just great. The judges on both days have caused a stir in the media as they have rated many dogs as Very Good and Good.

Mrs. Nierschev-Nemecek from Austria and Mrs. R. Dijkhorst de Nooij from the Netherlands were in agreement. Best of breed was on both days “Ch. Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy” and Res- Best Male went to Ch. “Firstprizebears Oscar de la Renta“. He still lacks 1 CAC for Austrian Champion. Congratulations to my Swiss exhibitors.

Ch. Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy with judge Mrs. Dijhorst de Nooij. shown by our dear friend Fernandy Suney. right photo: Ch. Firstprizebear’s Oscar de la renta “also with Fernando.

was waren die Firstprizebären ohne Fernando. Links “Paddy”  und rechts “Oscar”

Su Jones won BEST IN SHOW with her “Firstprizebears Rio Grande” on a smaller show. At the Horley and district Open Show she won the junior class, judge was Mrs. G. Clarke / GB

The famous weekly newspaper Our DOGS has announced the points of the first 6 months for the Top Puppy. “Lola” aka Firstprizebears Rio Grande is Top Bearded Collie Puppy in England after 6 months. The Bobtail puppy bred by us “Red Devil aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” is also top in his breed and 2nd best of the group pastoral



Der Abschluss im August bildetet die Intenationale Show in Luxemburg. Richterin für die 24 Bearded Collies war Frau Gloria Wagner aus Luxemburg. Es waren meine 3 Top Rüden, die sehr viel gewinnen zusammen in der Championklasse vertreten. Ich werde mir meinen Kommentar verkneifen…

Jedenfalls mussten wir sehr lange warten, bis die 46 Australien Shepherds gerichtet waren.

Proud Percy war schon sehr gelangweilt und auch Pikes Peak wollten endlich loslegen….

The final show in August was the Intenational Show in Luxembourg. Judge for the 24 Bearded Collies was Mrs. Gloria Wagner from Luxembourg. My 3 top  winning males stood together in the champion class. I will refrain from commenting …

Anyway, we had to wait a very long time until the 46 Australian Shepherds were finished .

Proud Percy was already very bored and also Pikes Peak wanted to get started …


our 3top winning males Patick Duffy, his litter brother Proud Percy and nephew Pikes Peak

Patrick Duffy and Fernando                                                                                                Percy Slegde and  Pikes Peak

Monika and her  Pike

the 5 males in the champion class. 1st place “All Eyes on me kiss me quick” Breeder Otto Bes. Winkel, 3rd place Firstprizebears Patrick Duffy, unplaced  Firstprizebears Percy Sledge, Second Place Firstprizebears Pikes Peak and 3rd  Place Matador de Chester, Breeder: Bernardi Owner Francoise Martin