31 July 2019

Shows Juli 2019

The start in July is just great for the Firstprizebears. The dogs we have bred are just super successful at the shows. .The many happy family dogs, which are not shown make their “job” as a private dog also very successful and that is VERY important..

At the only evening outdoor  show in the Netherlands (just 8km away from Maaseik), Pike and Owin were in desperate competition. That was on Saturday the 6.7.2019. Judge was Mrs. A. Gielsse / NL. Berry Hoenstok, who does not need anything for his Owin, got in the way of Pike, who still needs points for his Dutch title. Actually a luxury problem for every breeder. If I had known it before then ….

Firstprizebears Q’Johnny Depp” Owner  Berry Hoenstok won CACIB, CAC, BOS

Firstprizebears Pikes Peak” Qwner  Monika Fuss Res- CACIB, Res-CAC

Monika had to leave quickly for a birthday party. Berry had time and I wanted to try my styling skills on “Qwin”.

Afterwards we took wonderful pictures of Firstprizebears Q ‘Johnny Depp


Daddy  “Lasse” Lärkängens at Firsticebears also with 21 months                              and his son  “Q’Johnny Depp


On 6./7. of july  2 international exhibitions in Hannover / GER took place . On the first day it was the normal CACIB and on the 2nd day the Annual Trophy Winner Show.

The littermates of Owin and half-sister of Pikes Peak have also gained a lot there ….

Approximately 30 Beardies were registered

6.7.2019 Judge  Sabor Szandor /Hungary

Firstprizebears Q’Brad Pitt   Excellent  1 CAC, VDH-SA

Firstprizebears Q’Kim Kardashian  Excellent 1 Res-CACIB, CAC, VDH-SA  owners are the family Hellwig-Grammann

Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek   Excellent 3 Owner Mrs.  B. Cocozza

7-7-2019 Judge  Morten Mathes/Danmark

Firstprizebears Q’Brad Pitt   Excellent 1 CACIB  CAC, VDH-SA BOS

Firstprizebears Q’Kim Kardashian    Excellent 1 CACIB, CAC, VDH-SA  , Best of Breed Annual Trophy Winner , 3rd in Group 1, Judge Mr. Dux/GER

Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek   Excellent 3

Fotos courtesy Hellwig

1st day

2nd day

Foto courtesy Mrs.  Cocozza

Su Jones is the owner of Firstprizebears Rio Grande and lives in England. She already has great success on the shows. At the East of England Show on 7-7-19 she became 2nd best Puppy with Judge Mrs. W. Knowles / GB. She had a great day at the Open Show in Staffort. Best Puppy in  Breed, Best Female and in Group 1 (Pastoral in England) Puppy, she won 3rd place.

Photo with thanks to Tami Nunely

Marita Gintere had the perfect exhibition weekend with “Jenny”. On the 13th and 14th of July 2019 at the Show Dole in Latvia. On Saturday the judge was  the Irishman  Mr. Walsh Junior and on Sunday the Luxembourger Mrs. Ruth Wagner. On both days “Firstprizebears Q’Jennifer Lopez” won Best of Breed, qualified for the Crufts and now has these titles: Latvia JChampion, Estonia JChampion, Lithuanian JChampion and Baltic Winner. That at the tender age of 20 months. She is from the Q-litter from which so many great dogs win everything at the moment. I am so proud of these dogs and on my “Prada” their mom

Marita Gintere  with the judge Mr. John Walsh                               Ch. Firstprizebears Q’Jennifer Jopez                                          with the judge mrs.  Ruth Wagner

Last show for “Jenny” in July before her family goes on well-deserved summer vacation in Kaprun / Austria. BUT still one  stop to make the show in Czestochowa in Poland.

This provided a new title: Polish Champion with CACIB, CAC and BOB judge was the Romanian Mr. M. Draganescu.