20 June 2019

Shows June 2019

Every month I think there are not that many exhibitions. However, my few hardcore exhibitors think differently about it and always find a show and also win something. That means I have to sit for many hours at the computer and report all the great successes with photos in 3 languages. Everyone is happy when he finds his Superstart-Firstprizebear on my homepage. But to get results, photos, judges, date of the show and the place is something different. Most of the time I always have to find it via Facebook, or have to go on the nerves of  the owners with emails . Maybe someday I will not like it anymore to do it this way and expect that People report it on their own. For sure  then they  will  complaining that there is nothing new to read. So dear “Firstprizebear show community”, never forget to provide your breeder with info !!!

The first weekend of June gave us a new champion to add for our success story: Firstprizebears Q’Jennifer Lopez became Estonian Champion with only 19 months !!! Marita Ginterre the owner of “Jenny” writes us:

Super day for Jenny (Firstprizebears QJenniferLopez) at Estonian Winner show
CACIB, CAC, Estonian Winner’19, BOB and now Estonia Champion
Thank you the judge Alar Müürisepp for appreciating the quality of our girl 🙂
Thank you Ramona Karklina for taking good care and perfect handling in the showring
Thank you Agne Mägi for hospitality and bearing with this bunch of energy!




after the Show Wellness on the beach.


on Whitsun weekend Marita Ginterre was on the Latvian Winner Show with her “Jenny”. The judge came from Estonia Ms. L. Jurgens. Again, there was strong competition. Firstprizebear’s Q’Jennifer Lopez was again unbeatable: Firstprizebear’s Q’Jennifer Lopez CACIB, CAC, Best of Breed, Lativian Winner and Qualified for the Crufts. Now she just has to wait until July to finish her title “Lativan Champion”. Then it is one  year since she has won her first ticket is finished .

“Jenny” loves the exhibitions writes Marita, but also the variety in nature as here in Karpun / Austria. A real party girl.


In Paris/F  on 2-6-2019 was the championship show of  France, the biggest and most important show. Marc Brunner, his wife and Diji were present. “Firstprizebears Q’Bella Maltzahn” took 2nd place in the intermediate classes with Excellent, judge  was Mrs. Weber / F

In her free time, she practices with Owner Marc on the keyboard


At the IDS in Chartres/F on  10-6-19  Firstprizebears Q’Bella Maltzahn  won the  Res-CAC and Excellent 1st place . Jude was Mrs. M. Weber/F


Ms. Cocozza was with her “always in a good mood Ella (Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek) on the double show in Erfurt / GER. On the first day, the Austrian Mrs. Kremser judged  and “Ella” was Best Bitch. On the second day Mrs Korocz-Papp from Hungary judges and Ella became Excellent 2 with Res-CAC. She was beaten  by the bitch who finished third behind her the day before.

Mrs.  Cocozza with Ella “Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek”

Also on Whitsun weekend, Sue Jones was on the Newmarket Premier Open Show with her “Lola” Firstprizebears Rio Grande. Lola and Sue have had a very nice and successful day. She won: Best Puppy of the breed, Best Puppy of the Pastoral Group and Res Best in Show puppy

Also on the first day of Pentecost was the IDS in Venray / NL where Mrs. van Bussel judges the Bearded Collies. Family Schatters has her show debut with her “Firstprizebears Quentin Tarantino” (litter brother to Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian and Brat Pitt). Mum Maud was naturally very excited, but “Viggo” was the rest itself and both made Bellafigura and took the 2nd place

Monika and “Firstprizebears Pikes Peak” landed once again on the 2nd place ….. Unfortunately I did not get any other pictures. Here Monika is obscured by the judge. Behind is the later winner.


The European show in Wels / Austria on Pentecost was in every respect a drama. The organization of the show was a mess, the International Press is full of reports of everything that was fruitful. I have never heard of anyone who did not find it terrible. Feraando  Suny was in the champion class with his “Nora” Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Nora Jones. “Nora” has not even been placed, it has never happened yet! Judge was the Englishman Barrie Croft, Mrs. Müller came from Switzerland with” Percy “Ch. Firstprizebears Oscar de La Renta and he got a very good in champion class from Barrie Croft !!!!!! On the second day, Ms. Müller also present  at the Int. Show in Wels / A. with  her “Percy” from. There he was EXCELLENT with the 2nd place. Judge was the Italian  Mr. F. Rocca

In the kennel “De Gianvi” in Spain lives  “Firstprizebears Rhianna “and” Firstprizebears Robin Williams “Both of them have already successfully completed some exhibitions in the puppy class. On Pentecost, “Robin William” was at the IDS in Castilla La Mancha. There he became the Best Puppy in  breed. Judge was Mr. Lui Oliveira / Portugal.

on  29.6.2019 at the National Show in Cantabria won  “Firstprizebears Robin WilliamRes- Best in Show Puppy

Mrs. Cocozza was in Danmark with her “Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek”  at the 3 days  Int- Show in Vejen. out of the intermeditate class she won : 21.6. Excellent 1  Judge Mrs. B. Kremser/SLO, 22.6. Very Good under the judge mrs. Hanne Laine Jensen/DK and finally on 23.6. Excellent 1 with CK under the Judge Mr. G. Schäfer/GER

Special show for british Sheepdogs on  30.6.19 in Dormagen / GER. Judge was Mrs. Heidi Müller-Heinz / GER. My dear friends Xavier Pottiez and Monika Fuss have represented us dignified. Photos from Dormagen with thanks to Karin van Coolwijk

Ch. Firstprizebears Percy Sledge won the Championclass with CAC and  VDH-SA and Beste Male

Monika did with her “Pike” finally what I’ve been waiting for: He won  in Dormangen  his last ticket and is  now German and VDH champion. He  is the Champion No. 116 in our breedinghistory.  For his sire “Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears” is it the 16th Championkind. His mom is “Schoko” Ch. Firstprizebears Liz Taylor and for her it  is the 2nd Champion child from the same litter. His litter sister “Pasadena” is also champion.

Deutscher Champion and  VDH-Champion Firstprizebears Pikes Peak with his proud owner Monika Fuss


The final of a very successful month of June 2019 is made by Multi Champion “Firstprizebears Nora Jones“. At the Int-Show in Aarau / Switzerland she was Best of Breed by the well-known allrounder Mr. Schogul from Georgia. She won Group 1 under Mr. Peter Fricke special judge of the breed. Proud owner is Fernandy Suney / Italy. With this victory Nora also fulfilled all conditions for the title “Swiss Champion