11 June 2012

Beat-it and the sheep

Vicky van Tichelen was toghether with Beat-it and her 2 males Quibo and Djago at the Dutch Bearded Collie Sheep-Day. Here her report:

>>02-06-2012 Went to the NBCC with Diago, Quibo and Beat-it to herd a cattle. Beat-it did great and went home with 8,5 points. She was the only Beardie Collie who showed a perfect cutting (the separation of 1 sheep from the rest of the cattle) out of herself. Quibo didn’t do bad either, however he thought that the chasing of the sheep was more fun and received 6,5 points.  Diago received 9 point for his character, but herding a cattle is not his thing.  He ran to the sheep with a wagging tail and just sniffed them. He saw no reason why he had to run after these poor sheep. They didn’t hurt anyone. Did they? He got 4,5 point with the information that he is a top dog. After all we had a fun day with the dogs .<<

Here Firstprizebears Beat it in full action: