5 May 2020

Carey’s and Pike’s puppies 11 days old

Sunday was  photo shooting time. Our 9 puppies from Carey and Pikes Peak are 11 days old. Carey is a very loving and careful young dog mom. The puppies have all put on good weight. Our night shift on the sofa is quiet. Carey digs a hole under the conifers very quickly at 6 in the morning when you are still sleeping on one eye and forget that you shouldn’t let her out without withness her all the time. It is so annoying when you stand at the dog bath in your nightsuit and have to wash out the sand from Carey’s beard and feet. Then you are wide awake and can go on and sweep the kitchen. Corona will keep us in our country until June 8th, 2020. All puppy people are provided with a video every 2 days via Whatsapp videos.

Our black and white male “Tippecano” is still available

the other male puppies are named:  Texas, Toledo, Tennessee and  2. from the right is Tippecanoe

Tuscon and Talhassee

the 3 girls are named.: Topeka, Tulsa (the brown) and Tacome on the far right. It is also still available. Beautiful, would make a great show dog