12 October 2011

Coco and Hitch’s children were born.

Today, Coco (Firstprizebears Havanna) had her 59th day of pregnancy and was as round as a balloon. It was no miracle that she didn’t wait until the 63rd day to give birth. Tonight at 01.00 hrs, the first puppy was born and one hour later there were already 5. After this Coco took a little rest until 3 o’clock, when another 2 were born. Again a moment of rest of 2 hours and 2 big stong males were born at 05.00 hrs. We now have a group of 5 males, weight between 290 and 380 grams and 4 girls, all weigh 270 grams. BTW all are black and white, beautiful and we are very happy with these promising puppies. Father is our own Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock.


de 5 boys


and the 4 girls