24 June 2011

Coco and Shanti the 2 posh Schmidt-girls

Shanti (Firstprizebears Hepburn) and Coco (Firstprizebears Havanna) will be shown for the first and last time tomorrow. In Genk/Belgium they will be judged onces in order to recieve their breedingcertificate. Therefor today was “washing and ironingday”.  Below you finde the prictures that the ladies are looking tidy and hopefully do everything well tomorrow.

 “Coco” (Firstprizebears Havanna) "Coco" Schmidt Firstpizebears-Havanna

and her girlfriend  “Shanti” (Firstpizebears Hepburn) Shanti Schmidt Firstpizebears-Hepburn

2 posh ladies