10 March 2015

CRUFTS impressions

Crufts, as every year, the epic centre of the dog world. 22000 dogs within 4 days. On Friday 06 March 2015 the Beardies and the Bobtails where judged. “Prada” in fact to young for this Show, started in the Open Class. The rules in the UK are a bit different and she HAD to appear in this class. Nevertheless it was exciting. The judge for the Bitches was Mrs. Crowter and for the males it was Mrs. Wendy Hines. Prada was together with 20 other bitches in her Class and ended amongst the last 10. Unfortunately only 5 got placed. We where not under tha last 5. A lot of visitors have made pictures, which I am using. Thank you very much for sending them.

Prada in Open Class, under the last 10.

Prade Openclass Crufts

new photos made from our friend Lenka Klimova

Crufts 15 Prada open class

our Darling Prada

Crufts 15 Prada openclass



As always, Yossi Guy was here as well to make beautiful pictures. In this case of Prada and me.

Crufts Prada und Conny

also my best friend Lenka was present.

Crufts Prada Lenka Conny

Eddy Alder had started with his “Ludo” ( FIRSTPRIZEBEARS NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE ) in Puppy Class and even due to the nervousness they received a perfect 5th place.