16 March 2013

Crufts/UK and Offenburg/GER

CRUFTS is the largest Dog Show in the world and is held in Birmingham/UK every year in the beginning of March. In the old days it was held in London. It doesn’t matter whether the judges are good or bad, you go. I went for the first time in 1975. Since 2001, it is possible for us foreigners, to show our breed in the homeland of this breed. The entries for the beardies where enormous, this year there where 340. In 2001 we showed for the first time and at that time our “Firstprizebears Vancouver”, under judge Ruth Scott, won the Res-CC. That was something extraordinary. BUT: in 2005 I won with “Firstprizebear Apache”, under the famous allrounder Ferlith Summerfield, the CC and became Apache Best Male. This had not been equalized by a foreign Beardie until today. Every time I see the famous green caret, I have to think about these 2 dazzling memories. This year we had not entered any Beardie, simply because it is not feasible to show a OES and a Beardie. The distances between the halls is downright too big. By the way, our Lasse is too young  and also our Schoko is not ready for something like this. Of course the judges have to match also.

But some Firstprizebears where present. With the males the judging went a little more than curious, I heard from different sides. As it seems, with the bitches it went a little better.

Ch. Firstprizebears Enfield was shown in the Veteran Class and not placed by Mrs. Buckley. He was shown for the last time in the UK by Linda Peirson, because he is going home to Cristina Andres and Alberto Sanchez.

Firstprizebears Enfield Crufts 2013



















Alberto and Cristina had their ” Firstprizebears Larry King” with them and was shown in the Puppy Class and was also not placed.

Firstprizebears Larry King Crufts 2013














Vicky van Tiggelen was present with her Ch. Firstprizebears Just Beat-It”She was shown in the Open Class Bitches (26 entries) and the judge Mrs. Atkins placed her 5th. Of course we are proud and happy with this placing. John Wauben, was Vicky’s supporter, because she trains at the Maastricht Dog sport Club and laid down everything on camera.

Firstprizebears Just Beat-It Crufts 2013



















Offenburg/GER at the edge of the beautiful Black Forrest, held their CACIB Show during the Crufts weekend. Mrs. Jani Böhi-Wenger from Switzerland judged the Bearded Collies. Fernando and Sergio had come from Italy with their beautiful “Firstprizebears Kim Karnes“. She won the Intermediate Class and got the CAC. Her litter brother “Firstprizebears King Cole“, by the Vanbossche family was placed 2nd in the In Between Class. Something I better not comment on….

Firstprizebears Kim Carnes



















here she is waiting for the great moment.

Firstprizebears Kim Carnes Offenburg 1