29 September 2011


 We always like to share news with you regarding our Breed and or dogs. In 99% of all cases we report positive news. But sometimes, in a small room, here in the house, there is also sadness.

This was the case on Friday. Our successful and beautiful Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer was mated up in the high north. We had a long list with people waiting for a puppy.

Harry was so kind to make this long journey and had the possibility to get 2 days off from work at the end of August. This meant 2200 Km driving and to spend 260 Euros for Ferry and Bridge. 110 Euro for a hotel. Yes I know, but this was all that was available. Lots of money as stud fee and the mating time was perfect. The mating itself was done with lots of love and pleasure, as it should be.

BUT, the ultrasound shows nothing: No puppies…. 😥

In September 2009, I drove all the way up to Scotland. 2400 Km, Eurotunnel and stud fee. Time and energy can’t be counted. As always the mating time was perfect and confirmed by a veterinarian. Perfect mating, but no puppies. However in this case, the stud has, until today, produced no puppies at all. That is why I have asked the owner for prove, stating that the stud dog is fertile, because if not, I would like to have my money back and to forget about the other costs.

The bad thing is, that “Summer” is almost 7 years old and only had two litters until now. Normally she would have been “retired” after having had het 4th litter.

I have decided for myself, to only use foreign stud dogs who have proven to have puppies on a regular basis, or of whom a doctor’s certificate can be shown in which is stated that he is fertile.:-(