17 May 2014

Dortmund Int- en Europasieger, St. Gallen/Switserland

Overhere we had enormous lots of stress. On Friday and Sunday was the large double Show of Dortmund/GER, puppies where collected and we had a visit from Israel. Thereby the puppies at home etc., etc. Therefore you had to wait until today, until I could write alle the latest news for you.

Friday was an excellent day for the Vanbossche family, Mrs. Kuhn and of course also for us as the breeders of the Firstprizebears. Mr. Hartig/GER judged at this Int-Show the 23 Bearded Collies. Mrs. Vanbossche opened the row in the Youth Class Males and finally won the 1st place with her Ole, the blue bear (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke).
Afterwards she won with “Tobi” “Firstprizebears King Cole“, the Open Class. With this victory he had fullfilled al requirements for the German and VDH-Champion Title and enlarges the long list of Champions deriving from our breed. Mrs. Kuhn won the Youth Class Bitches with her Lux-JCh. Firstprizebears Millwaukee (“Nana”) and fullfilled her requirements for the Title of German Youth Champion. Mrs Hellwig won the Champion Class with Desire of Fun Charlize Theron, who is born out of 2 Firstprizebears. As last it was my turn to go into the ring with Schoko (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor). She won the Open Class and became Best Bitch with CACIB. What a wonderful day.

“Ole” Firstprizebears Lucky Lucke  Best Youth Dog on Friday.

dortmund cacib 09.05.2014 035 Ole

“Firstprizebears King Cole” with the new German and VDH-Champion Title.

Dortmund CACIB 09.05.2014 086

Mrs. Kuhn and her husband where thrilled after Nana had won the Youth Class and now is German Youth Champion Firstprizebears Millwaukee

Dortmund Int Mississippi juniorch

the boss was also satisfied with Schoko, “Firstprizebears Liz Taylor” Best Bitch

Dortmund CACIB 09.05.2014 118

the successful 3: Firstprizebears King Cole, Liz Taylor and Luky Luke, this is how Beardie heads should look like. Please watch the big noses 🙂

Dortmund CACIB 09.05.2014 215

On Sunday, was the Europasieger-Zucht Show with 42 Beardies, who where  judged by Mr. Peter Farell from Ireland. He started of well and we thought, ah, this gentleman knows how a good Beardie should look like. He gave the Youth Class to “Lucky Luke“, whom he later also made Best Youth Dog. But what happened than, is a mystery to us. We could not figger out what kind of type Mr. Farell exactly was looking for. For the rest of the day we only received 3rd places. Ch. Firstprizebears Lorne Green owned by Paz Davidovich, had come from Israel, started in the Champion Class and became 3rd. Mrs. Vanbossche became 3rd in the Open Class Males with Firstprizebears King Cole and Conny together with Schoko (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor) ended 3rd in the Open Class Bitches. The nice company of the Vanbossche family, the visit of Sonja and Michael Halbreiter, the rest of the group as the Hellwig family and all the other nice people, made this day bearable.

Mrs. Vanbossche, Judge Mr. Farell and European Youth Champion “Firstprizebears Lucky Luke”


Fernado and Sergio, where visiting the double Show of St. Gallen/Switserland, with their  “Ch. Firstprizebears Kim Karnes“. Saturday the Austrian Monika Blaha judged here and made “Kim” Best Bitch with CACIB and CAC. By receiving this, Kim had fullfilled the requiremnts for the Swiss Champion Title. During the weekend of May 01. they where with Kim Karnes at the Show of Alessandra/Italy. Here John Watson from Cyprus judged. Kim won the CACIB, CAC and became Best Bitch and received the Title International Champion. The list, with the, by her won titles is getting longer and longer. We are very proud with “Team Kim”.

Fernando with “Ch. Firstprizebears Kim Karnes”