24 October 2014

Dortmund/GER, Arat/Israel and South-Wales/UK

The 2 large Shows of Dortmund, Germany, which are held every year in May and October are very tiring. Why? Because it are double Shows. Now in October on 3 days the Bundersieger Show and simoultaneously at the same 3 days, the International Show. A total of 9113 dogs, divided over the various halls of the Westphalia Park. Off course you don’t have to enter, but if there are good or new judges, the temptation is enormous to throw yourself into this adventure. On Friday 17-10 Mr. Mark Wibier from Germany, judged the Bearded Collies and on Saturday, at the International Show, it was Mrs. Heidi Müller-Heintz, also from Germany. Mr. Wibier had never judged our Beardies before and Mrs. Müller had seen our Beardies for the last time in 2012 at a smaller Show where she was judging. So “Schoko” and “Prada” where entered. Schoko needed one more point for the German and VDH title. Prada just came along for fun. Off course our Bobtail King was entered, as he doesn’t own the Bundessieger title yet.

Dortmund is stress pure and has to be well prepared. If you have to drive thru the Ruhr Area on a Fridaymorning, because you want to be in the Hall at 06.30 hrs (Hall opens at 07.00), means you have to leave at 04.30 at your house and get up at 03.30! And this, 2 days in a row! The alternative is a local hotel, if possible right next to the show ground. Chris Beirendonk had also entered her Bobtail Bitch and we both wanted to bring this Dortmund adventure to a good end and by the way it is much nicer and you have more fun in good company. Bookings where made for 2 days in the Steigenberger Hotel. One week for the start of the Show, the mapping of the Halls was anounced with the several rings and starting times. Panic all over! As usual the Bobtails where going to be judged in Hall 6 and the judging would start at approximately 11.15 hrs. Normally the judging of the Beardies is also done in this Hall and very close to the Bobtails. This time however, the judging was done in Hall 1, at a rough distance of minimum 850 meters away from eachother. The judging started at 09.00 with the males and the bitches would start at 10.30. The end of the Beardies judging would be at around 12.00 hrs. Yeez!! Now what??? Sleepless nights. Chris and I where discussing, how to manage this situation. In fact not at all. But you grow with the years. Telephoned with the Bobtailclub, who where in charge during this Special Show. They where convinced that the judging would not start before 11.15 hrs and were going to try to delay the judging. Chris would bring King in her Car  and have him ready at Ring 13, Hall 6. In case the plan wasn’t going to work, she would also show him. The Vanbossche family had promised me to look after the 2 Beardies after the judging, in case I had to speed run over to Hall 6. The weather was checked with the weather App. Friday morning rain: a pity! Saturday dry.

Around 22.00 hours, Chris and I where at the hotel and as usual went to bed too late. It was 23.30 hrs. Chris had a cold and had to cough a lot. This was, for her Bobtail Bitch “Chanell” a sign of happiness and was slamming her tail against the wall for joy. My 3 where thinking every time, it is time to get up. When finally at 04.30 the alarm went off, I was happy and tired. Why so early? Well simple: 4 dogs need 4 sets of socks, in order for the legd to stay dry during the dog walk. This takes time and you always need more time when 2 Beardie girls have to pee. It takes time. Afterwards all the socks have to be taken off and hung in the car to dry. Opening the windows and back to the hotel room. For styling and looks I roughly need an hour. Faster is not possible at my age. Breakfast from 05.45 to 06.15. Why so long? Very simple. These stressful days should be started easily and the 2 of us enjoy to breakfast. This is important, as you won’t get anything to eat anymore until 15.00 as there is not enough time to eat. At 06.30 I was standing in front of Hall 1 and Chris had a parkingspot close to Hall 6, found an unlocked door and was in the Hall before the cloud burst started. I still had to wait until 07.15, till the personal decided to open the doors. In the meantime it rained cats and dogs. Lucky for me, I was standing under a overhang, but most of the people waiting got soaking wet.

After I had set up the Benches, the Vanbossches where also in the Hall as one of the first and my neighbours, I took off to Hall 6. I had to try to find the fastest route, in order to get at Ring 13 in time. This almost took me 10 minutes and at that time the halls where still empty. But everything will work out. Mr. Wibier had to judge 47 Bearded Collies, of which many Champions. The opening was made by “Ole” (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke) in the Intermediate Class and became 2nd. After this it was “Tobi” (Firstprizebears King Cole) his turn and he won the well occupied Champion Class. He became Best Male and we where happy already. Time wise everything was okay and according to schedule. “Prada” (Firstprizebears Meryl Streep) won the Intermediate Class. “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor) was together with 7 other bitches in the Champion Class. Seen the fact that I had just won the Intermediate Class, my changes to win became smaller, at least that was what my feeling told me, but “Schoko” won the Champion Class. For the Title, I showed Prada and Mrs. Hellwig showed Schoko as she is a little easier to handle than our Prima Donna “Prada”. My dream came reality. “Prada” became Best Bitch and “Schoko” Res-Best Bitch. For the Best Of Breed, 2 Firstprizebears where in the ring competing eachother and that which this large competition at this Title Show. It became “Tobi’s” and Mrs. Vanbossche (who had a teared muscle in her leg and had to bite her teeth together during running) day. Tobi was chosen as Best Of Breed by Mr. Wibier. It was 12 o’clock and I received a message from Chris, that I had 6 to 7 minutes left to get to the Bobtail ring. I dropped everything, the dogs where handed over to Mrs. Hellwig and Vanbossche and I ran off. When you are 58 years old, also a few pound to heavy, distance is a challenge. Totally breathless I arrived just in time at the Bobtails and was able to show King. At 15.00 everything had finished overhere. I had to walk back all the way, this time in a much easier tempo, because all babysitters wanted to leave but didn’t want to leave my Beardie girls behind unattendedly. Everything was packed into the car. Let the dogs out with socks on and back to Hall 6 to Chris. We still had to go shopping and collect several vouchers. At 18.00 we where back at the hotel. One more time all dogs got their socks on, the sun was shining, time to give the dogs some time off. We where just tired, so we ate something at the Hotel very quickly and around 20.30 we went to bed. It was a quiet night. ALL dogs where sleeping and Chris was also feeling better and didn’t have to cough. At 04.15 the alarm went off and the complete procedure was repeated as the day before. With the exception that the car had to be packed, suitcases and people as this wasthe day of departure. On Saturday, the Bobtails where also in Hall 1 directly next to the Beardies.
The Vanbossche family stayed away, but the Hellwig family kept us company. It was with Prada and Schoko just like the day before, but this time “Schoko” became Best Bitch. At 12.00 we where finished and finally could go home. Chris had becaome Best of Breed with her Bobtail “Chanell” and as the breeder of this dog, but also as a good friend of Chris I stayed to support her. Later on we brought the dogs to the car, as they would get more rest here, than staying at the show. The long waiting time, Chris and I killed with drinking coffee and at the Pro-Plan Stand we where treated of a galss of Prosecco. The Team was very hospitable. After this we went to a much too small Preparation Ring and waited here for Chris to participate at the finals which started at 17.15. She ended amongst the last 6, of which only 3 where placed. At 18.00 we went home after a very successful double Dortmund Show. With a low hanging sun, more a sunset and a tiredness having to drive home is not the most ideal situation. 19.45 I came home, where Harry was already in the starting blocks, as we had to drive to Aachen/GER, to a birthday party of good friends, Elke and Mathias Steinmetz. Mathias had become 60 and that was a reason for celebration. It was a wonderful party, but around midnight I was almost in a coma. Sundaymorning at 01.00 I went to bed after a 21 hours long day. What else would you do on a free day besides spending time on your hobby. 🙂

The pictures with a kind thanks to the Vanbossche family, Mr. Pederson and Mrs. Müller.

Mrs. Vanbossche with her Tobi “Firstprizebears King Cole” Besy Of Breed and judge Mr. Wibier.

Tobi BOB Bundessieger

“Prada” has inherited her beautiful movement from her astonishing parents.

Bundessieger 2014 412

“Prada” Firstprizebears Meryl Streep” Bundessiegerin and Res-Best Bitch “Schoko “Firstprizebears Liz Taylor”, who was kindly shown by Mrs. Hellwig. “Schoko” has won 2 new Titles: German and VDH Champion. Bundessieger 2014 531

in the afternoon “Firstprizebears King Cole” became 3rd  in the large FCI Group 1 under judge Mr. Wiblishauser. A perfect day for Tobi.


made it.


Sundaymorning at 06.30 in front of the entrance of Hall 1. Here we made ourselves comfortable.

6.30 in front of the entrance

“Prada” once again won the Intermediate Class.

Int and BSZ Dortmund Prada

Best Bitch ” Firstprizebears Liz Taylor“, the judge Mrs. Müller-Heintz and the Best Of Breed Ch. “Ramsgrove Prime Time” (he is a son of Firstprizebars Chattoga) owned by Mr. Pederson /DK Schoko BOS Dortmund Int

and when you have to wait for such a long time at the preparationring you see a lot of things.


Saturday, in Arat, Israel an International Show was held. Mr. Yossi Guy/ISR judged the Beardies and also here was a double victory of our breed. “Firstprizebears Lorne Green”, became Best Male and has collected now all points for the International Champion Title. Best of Breed and 3rd in FCI Group 1 became a litter sister of our “Prada” “Firstprizebears Marylin Monroe“. Both Lorne and Marilyn are owned by Paz Davidovich. 1555378_863278217056882_6619607325476977646_n

During the weeknd of 12 October. Mr. Burscough/IK judged at the CC-Show in Soth-Wales. Emma and Eddy Alder came to this show with “Ludo”  Firstprizebears Nathaniel Hawthorne. Ludo had been entered in the Minor Puppy and Puppy Class and had qualified himself for CRUFTS.

Ludo South Wales 2