21 January 2014

Een meer dan succesvol weekend

What a marvelous start in the New Year.

Jan Osterbauer was together with her Mia (Firstprizebears Mia Farrow) 2 days at the Show of Alberta/Canada. During both days, Mia won Best of Breed with 9 months!!!! With these victories, she had gathered enough points for the Canadian Champion Title. “Mia” was perfectly shown by Tammy Sawatzky. The judge on Sunday  was Mrs. Thora Brown and Saturday Mr .Donald Fitzsimmons

Firstprizebears Mia Farrow 9 months

Ch. CDN Mia Farrow 02-14

In Givat Hain/Israël,our Paz Davidovich was en route with her 2 Firstprizebears. The judge for the Bearded Collies was the Austrian Mrs. H. Maissen-Jarisch. “Firstprizebears Lorne Green“, became Best Of Breed and 3rd of FCI Group 1. He has won so many CAC’s now in Israel, that he is allowed to carry the Title of Israeli  Grand Champion. “Marilyne” (Firstprizebears Maryline Monroe), the litter sister of Mia Farrow, won her first Youth CAC and became 3rd BIS dog of all junior dogs.

Israeli Grand Champion “Lorne Green”

Firstprizebears Lorne Green 01-14

Firstprizebears Marilyne Monroe BIS Junior no 3

Firstprizebears Marilyne Monroe 01-14

I was in Kaunitz/ DUI. Harry had decided to go and celebrate at the Ball of the “Guards of the Prince”, of the Carnival Club of Aachen Germany. So I had to go and drive all by myself, with Lasse, Schoko and Niki to Kaunitz, 252 Km. On my way to the Show, I have been calculating, when I was at the Specialty Show for British Sheepdog in Kaunitz for the first time: In 1979 with my OES “Hot Dog”. Because I am always leaving home on time, I arrived at the Ostfriesenhall at 07.30. But the entry was not before 08.30 hrs, something I had missed, but was noted at their homepage. I could have slept an hour longer!
The judge for the Bearded Collies and the Bobtails, was Mr. Frankenberger from Germany. Unfortunately he got some extra breeds to judge, due to which we had to wait….. At approximately 12.30 it finally started. “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears), was alone in the Champion Class and got all points necessary for the German Title. Due to the fact that he had received all points in the period that is necessary to gain them, he now also is German Club Champion and German Champion VDH. For this, I, in fact had made the journey. “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor), also was successful and won a well occupied Intermediate Class. Mrs. Vanbossche had come with her 2 beautiful males. The beautiful blue “Ole” (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke), was entered in a large Youth Class and was placed 2nd for the somaniest time. “Tobi” (Firstprizebears King Cole), won the Open Class. We also got a visit from Andreas and Simone Schmidt, who almost live around the corner and also have two Beardies from us.

New German and VDH Champion Lärkängens at Firsticebears with the judge, Mr. Frankenberger.


Mrs. Vanbossche with Firstprizebears King Cole, winner of the Open Class

King Cole

“Schoko” Firstprizebears Liz Taylor


These where the dogs, who won their respective classes. The 2nd is our “Lasse”, No 3 Firstprizebears King Cole and 5th in line is our Schoko, who was kindly shown by Mrs. Claudia Plate. Again thank you very much.


We had lots of friendly people around us and lots of fun together. Simone and Andreas have made some nice picture that day.

Conny and Schoko, waiting for their entry.


Kisten Anne was en route to a Show in Australia, with “Strike” (Firstprizebears Lucky Strike). We are waiting on the results.