4 February 2013

Eindhoven/NL, Luxembourg and Brünn/CZ

What a weekend!!!! Enormous amounts of stress, almost no sleep, but won everything. On Saturday was the show in Eindhoven. Judge for the Beardies was Mrs. Runderkamp/NL. In fact we didn’t need anything, but I always go to this Show and “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor) should have her Show debut here. This happened!!!! First Lasse (Lärkängens at Firsticebears) won Best Male and after this it was Schoko’s time. She was entered in the Youth Class together with 5 other bitches and with her 10 months of age, she was also the youngest. From the other four, one was her litter sister, Firstprizebears Linda Evans and she received an Very Good 3. “Schoko”, with her supermelting expression, had bewitched the judge. She won the Youth Class and became BEST BITCH over the others and that with only 10 months. What a start. To go for Best of Breed, I now had 2 dogs, who had to go into the ring simultaneously. Patricia Soeters was so kind to show “Schoko” for me, so I could take Lasse. He became Best of Breed.

“Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor) 10 months old.  The pictures are made by Eef Martens.


Firstprizebears Liz Taylor Best Bitch in Eindhoven


BOB Lärkängens at Firsticebears (Lasse), judge Mrs. Runderkamp and Patricia Soeters with Firstprizebears Liz Taylor (Schoko)


On Sunday the yearly CAC Show of Luxembourg was held and organized by the British Sheepdog Club and Aussie Club. The judge for the Beardies was Mrs. Blaha from Austria. I had entered Lasse, on purpose, in the Open Class to avoid walking into the well known “Clan” . Against these “Vitamin B-power” you are often without any change, even when you have the better dog. But that is the Show world. I went without any expectations, but with the hope to hopefully win the Open Class. This we managed and due to this, our “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears), became Luxemburg Champion with only 22 months of age. My day was made. After this “Lasse” became Best Male and I was more than satisfied. “Schoko” (Firstpizebears Liz Taylor), started again in Youth Class with 4 other bitches. She became 2nd behind her 5 months older half sister. As Show-Newcomer she did very well on the slippery floor. After this we had to go for Best Of Breed and Mrs. Blaha was touched by Lasse and made him Best Of Breed.This was more than I had hoped for. However, now it had the consequence that I had to stay and wait 4 hours, before entering the Bg Ring for Best in Show. It was snowing on the Ardenner Highway, I was tired and would to have loved to just become Best Male, because than I could have gone home at 13.00 Hrs. But this is the way it goes and the price you have to pay if you wins. The long waiting ended around 17.00 hrs. and it was Mrs. Blaha who judged Best in Show. Lasse became Res- Best in Show behind the beautiful Welsh Corgi from Hanno and Rachel Dijkhorst. At 20.30 I came back home.

Petra Bonny was so kind to give me the picture of  BOS No-Nonsens Kalilah and my BOB “Lasse” with judge Mrs. Blaha.

Bos en BOB Luxemburg CAC Show 03-02-2013

The Vanbossche family was in Brünn/CZ at the two day CACIB Show. “Tobi” (Firstprizebears King Cole) had been entered in the Intermediate Class and stood against strong competitors. At both days he ended with an Excellent 2nd place. Judges were: Ale Conrad from Sweden and Jeff Luscott from the United Kingdom.

“Tobi” in Brünn