18 May 2017

Finally puppies again

It was exactly 14 months ago that I had a Bearded Collie litter. Now I am happy to announce that my “Schoko” Int-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH-Israeli Ch. Firstprizebears Liz Taylor had puppies on Wednesday, 17.5.2017. There are 3 males (1 of them brown) and 6 girls (also also 1 brown). The proud father is the young male “Clan of Storks Outlander” owned by Marja Ojevaar and Mark Eilers. There were actually 10 puppies. In the morning at 6 o’clock, I must have dozed off for a very short time next to the whelping box. In this exact 5 minutes, Schoko had a 330 gram-heavy brown bitch. The puppy had been in the closed membrane for too long and Schoko was probably by then too tired to free her fast enough. She did not survive, and I still reproach myself  and am so sad that this beautiful bitch died by my own inadequacy.

The joy of the 9 healthy puppies and “Schoko” being well, makes up for it.

A first video in the morning at 7 on the day of birth

And the first photos 1 day old, the 3 males, far right is the brown

The first group of girls, in the middle is the brown

3 back-White Girls

noices while drinking, so sweet