21 April 2021

It’s time for some news again

From Fawny “Firstprizebears Tallahassee” who is 1 year old today, we still have wonderful snow photos from February 2021. He is now called “Wollic”  and lives in Vecht / Germany. He is one of the very few Fawn puppies that were born with us in 33 years.


Of course “Jenny” also enjoyed her ski season in Karpun / Austria. She is part of the Olympic team from Latvia.  She doesn’t take part herself, but her two-legged buddies take part. Can opener Marita Gintere has to manage all the paperwork that her sons can perform well in the ski circus.

Ch. Firstprizebears Q’Jennifer Lopez


In England, Althea Richardson is longingly waiting for a dogshow.  Since she  got her “Firstprizebears San Francisco” Corona ruined everything and the entire youth career in the show ring did not take place. Nevertheless, she  practice diligently in the garden.

the little “Firstprizebears Tom Hanks” has grown up and has a half-brother from Italy as a playmate. Both live in Lanaken / Belgium


“Firstprizebears Tom Cruise” lives in the  Moselle-area in Germany and guards the award-winning wine at Markus Molitor . His nickname, which he got from his mistress Carmen, is “Riesling.

“Riesling” digs up the vineyard from time to time, then he has to go to the bathroom.


afterwards it is sparkling clean again.            Then it’s back to the vineyard …