17 November 2011

FCI Champion of Champion Contest in Brüssel

Our „Lilli“ (Int-DK-D-VDH-NL-B-LUX-Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt, Worldwinner 2010, FCI Centenary Group Winner Dortmund and Groupwinner Amsterdam) during the champion of champions last week Saturday in Brussels. Group1 held 120 dogs of which only 9 are selected for the last round. Of these 9 dogs, according to my opinion, 4 to 5 where showed by professional handlers. They are accompanied by a complete brushing team. Therefore it get harder and harder for  the normal breeder to win something. Complete pages are printed in fullcolor in several dog newspapers, just before the show. So money plays a big role in it this time if you want to win something. Just having a good dog is, in my eyes, not good enough anymore. The Dog food company with the big E and the color pink plays a big role in the background. In fact, they stimulate who becomes Top Dog and who doesn’t. Here in Belgium you have to buy this food, whether you like it or not. Otherwise you will not be a member of their Breedersclub.  If you have fulfilled all conditions, you have to have a belgian passport. Otherwise you can’t represent Belgium at the Eukanuba Award in the United States. I am living in Belgium since 1996 and breed according the belgian standard of Sint Hubertus and do have a german passport. DO I have to understand these rules? I thought we have a united Europe.

Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt at the Champion of Champions in Buessels 11-11