22 April 2012

Finally Summer has puppies

We are very happy, that our “Summer” has puppies again. She is a dream of a dog and has had only 2 litters sofar. In 2009, we drove with her, 2400 Km to Schotland for a mating, but she stayed empty. This male is until today without offspring. Than in 2010 she had a litter by Lee. Last year August we drove 2350 Km to Sweden and the result was: no puppies… This was all very frustrating and costed a lot of money and time. The owners of the males than get very upset when asking questions. But that is the case in this dogworld.

That’s why we are so happy, that Summer finally has puppies again. She should have been mated in England and everything was taken care of, but our “Lasse” made a journey to England unnecessary within less than 3 minutes by mating Summer real quick. And he can do it. Proof is in the welpingbox right now. Thursdaynight, within 3 hours, she gave birth to 5 puppies, who all weigh around 390 gr. She is a perfect mother and we are almost “unemployed”. Ofcourse we do not let herout of sight and have nightshifts next to the welpingbox as you can imagine.

Her daughter “Heidi Klum” was allowed to have a quick look into the welpingbox to have a quick peek at the little ones. Heidi was totally exited,as she hearded the squeeking of Summer her puppies. Untill a couple of days ago she was in this welpingbox herself and must have thought that it was one of her 7 puppies.

Pictures on day 1.

1 Tag Summer und Kids

all 5 after weighing

1 Tag all 5 puppies

the 2 males

1 Tag 2 Boys

the 3 girls