20 September 2019

Firstprizebears Cony Island 02-11-2003 – 31-08-2019

There are only very few dogs in a breed that leave an unforgettable impression. Whether friend or enemy , everyone spoke with deep awe and appreciation of “Cony”. Gabriella and “Cony” were a dream team privately and at the exhibitions. When they entered the show ring a certain amount of magic prevailed and it fell silent around the ring. Cony Island and Gabriele were an appearance and from the very first minute Cony  entered the ring in tender puppy age, she rocked the Bearded Collie World until her best show  Win at the age of 13. It’s like winning the  lottery for a breeder, if you have bred a “Cony Island” and have the luck to put them in the right hands.

Gabriela was the owner along with Peter and Ildiko Muszlai of Double Scott’s Bearded Collie.

“Cony Island” a big Bearded Collie personality has left us forever at the biblical age of 15 years and 10 months.

Gabriella is heartbroken.

Anyone who could ever admire these two in the ring knows what the Bearded Collie World and Gabriella have lost.

Fare well dear “Cony”.

Cony as Puppy



Cony the beauty that took your breath away when you saw her



Multi Ch. Fristprizebears Cony Island at the age of 13 at her last show . She won BEST IN SHOW

                   R.I.P. Cony