17 July 2013

“Firstprizebears Mel Gibbs” 21-03-2013, 07-07-2013

Our hearts are broken, we are in deep grief with Kathy Pavlich who has lost my darling “Mel”.

“Gibbs” March 21, 2013-July 7,2013-rest in peace good buddy
It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the passing of my dear buddy Gibbs. He had a rough st…art in life but only for the diligence and loving care of Connie did he survive his rough beginning as a very tiny puppy in this world. Three vet exams and an ultrasound showed a very healthy happy puppy and he was sent to me .A bouncy beautiful “all I could dream for puppy” arrived that weekend in Woofstock. We spent the last 4 weeks loving and enjoying life together. I could not ask for a better puppy or companion. July 7th Gibbs was unable to breathe and we rushed him to the emergency vet at 4 am. The x-rays showed an enlarged heart cutting off his airway. No heart murmur was ever present and the signs leading up to this were very subtle. As he grew in size and strength the heart condition manifested itself .The decision to let him go was by far the most painful I have ever made. I wish to thank the few friends I let know for your support during this depressing time and I know time will heal but I felt it was only fair to all the Gibbs fans to let them know of his short time on the planet. Thank you Connie for trusting me with your very special boy as I know how hard it was for you to let him go.

Firstprizebears Mel Gibbs