14 February 2017

Firstprizebears Neil Diamond in the spotlights

Katerina Vasilioglo has always had a very special connection with “Neil” (Firstprizebears Neil Diamond). After hearing about her friend Katerina Bondar, who wanted to sell Neil, the decision was quickly made. Neil is now with her. She could not give it away! Now Katerina has been more than successful with “Neil” in the last few months. At the Champion of Champions show in Kiev / Ukraine she won the group 1 with Neil.
 BEst in Group Show of Winners Kiev Champion of Champions
The two of them went to Moldavia, where “Neil” won the best of breed on both days, best of group 1. On the first day, he became 4th best in show with Paul Stanton from Sweden and on the second day BEST IN SHOW 1 with Locodia Csana Zolt from Romania. Neil is now Champion of Moldavia.

Neil Diamond Modlavia

On the first weekend in February it was the double show in Brünn / CZ, at which Neil was shown. On the first day, he won Res-CACIB and Res-CAC with the Luxembourg judge Ruth Wagner. On the 2nd day Best of Breed with Mrs. B. Pitkewich from Romania. Additionally, he got the title of Czechoslovakian Champion.

Neil Diamond Moldaia

His impressive list of championtitels

International Champion (norm)
Junior World Winner
Junior Ukrainian Champion
Junior Moldova Champion
Junior Luxembourg Champion
Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Poland
Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Moldova
Mlt BIS/BIG winner