13 November 2013

Firstprizebears Nolan Ryan 01-06-1996 – 08-11-13

Kimberly Munson wrote to us
Hi Conny,
I just wanted to tell you that Nolan is not doing well. We are probably going to have
to put him to sleep tomorrow. He has lived a great 17 years and 5
months, but now has trouble with bowels and urine because he has trouble getting
on his feet. Just looking in his eyes, makes you feel that he knows it is his
time to go to Heaven. He is a wonderful dog and will always be! He and Tigger
(our Mismark Beardie) raised our 12 year old Kristofer, from the day he came
home from the hospital! They helped him learn to walk and would help him get to
different furniture! I want you to know this and how honoured we are that he is
a member of our family! It is a hard decision, but it is best for him. Maybe
when I get it through my head that he is gone can write about some of his
silly antics.
Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

Nolan Ryan (right) with his best friend Trigger

FPB Nolan Ryan