4 October 2011

Firstprizebears Vandalia 13-05-1997 – 27-09-2011

Henk and Yvonne Smits have send us the following message:

To our great regret, yesterday, we had to put our Woofer (Firstprizebears Vandalia) to sleep. In spite of all her ailment, I thought that she would make her 15th birthday this week. Unfortunately this was not the case. We miss her very much, as it became very quiet in the house in a short time. Within half a year of each other we lost Floor and Woof and now the only one who is left over is Bram. Woof was a very nice and kind dog to us. She was quiet and calm, but very self assured. A clear leader of a pack. Very intelligent and in the last few months even a little naughty. I often told her: you are old and naughty. We have walked with her a lot in our live. This is how she kept her condition up to speed!

During the last couple of years we had some health problems with her. However, she made it every time.

Furthermore she had some nice time at the camping and managed to make walks of several kilometers. We constantly kept in mind that she had a low condition and tempo, but still she had had a good dog time.

 Firstprizebears Vandalia