24 April 2014

Easter Weekend in Goes/NL

Goes is located in the province of Zeeland, the south-western part of the Netherlands. A Holiday Resort for German Campers and lovers of French Fries. During the Easter period, almost all Hotels are booked. As dog People are a special kind of species, they go to the Show of Goes during Easter…..

In Goes, you almost always have a very interesting list with judges, lots of foreigners, who have never judged in the Netherlands before. This time Goes had a première, it was with Easter and it was a Show over two days. Normally, on Easter Monday, I would have been in Leeuwarden (in the high North of the Netherlands) at a Show. This already since 1975, but since 2 years this Show is no longer held, probably because the halls have become too expensive.

Saturday, Mr. Rob Douma from the Netherlands, judged the Bearded Collie for the first time. He had to judge 19 Beardies. I started of with “Prada” (Firstprizebears Meryl Streep), in the Youth Class. Inge Schreurs had given “June” (Firstprizebears Jade Jagger) under my management, who had been entered in the Open Class. Just opposite of the Beardie ring was the ring for the Bobtails. I was lucky, as the judging of my both breeds had moved a little, due to which both breeds would not be at the same time. The results, with which I was very happy, is:  Prada became 2nd in the Youth Class and “June” (Firstprizebears Jade Jagger) became Best Bitch with CACIB and CAC. Peggy Jeurissen also became 2nd in the Youth Class with her “Firstprizebears Letterman”

Left the winning male, the judge Mr. Douma and a happy Conny with  “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger“, Best Bitch.


Peggy Jeurissen had taken a Hotel in Goes and made a walk on the seaside with her son and “Jazz” (Firstprizebears Letterman). Last was on the 2nd day in Goes top fit again.


On Sunday, the judging was done by the Danish Mr. V. Nielsen. He had to comment 16 Beardies. We where very very curious, because “June” only needed one more Res-CAC, to become Netherlands Champion. Secretly and deep inside of me, I hoped to win the Res-CAC behind the Danish Champion Bitch. However, everything would go different! Peggy won with “Firstprizebears Letterman”, the Youth Class. The end results with the males at this day was very pleasing!


“Prada” (Firstprizebears Meryl Streep) won the Youth Class with Excellent. Her competitor had to leave the Youth Class with a Good.

Faire Des Amis Something Special and Firstprizebears Meryl Streep in the Youth Class.


“June” (Firstprizebears Jade Jagger) was in the Open Class together with another Bitch. June was tired from the day before and the judging on the second day, didn´t start before 13.30 hrs. By the way, she is always a bit lazy after having been in season.

“June” looked good, but only used the first gear in the ring.


Well, than “Prada” had to run and so she did. She ran like a young goddess and that was also the opinion of the judge who made her Best Bitch over the Champion, Intermediate and Open Class Bitch. This with just 12 months! I was happy, however I would have loved to get the missing Res-CAC for June. Unsatisfied? No, more than happy and proud on our beautiful Girl.

On the right, the BOB male No-Nonsens Lord Bayron, the judge Mr. Nielsen and our “Prada”.

Bob and BOS Goes Firstprizebears Meryl Streep

Friday evening, I put the last hand on “June” and quickly made some Picture of the result.

Firstprizebears Jade Jagger

a beautiful Expression, simply to love.

Firstprizebears Jade Jagger

These beautiful dogs, we all thank to mother and Grandmother “Summer” (Multi Ch Firstprizebears Donna Summer). She is being looked after at by Karin Roozeboom, who accompanied us on the both days and spoils and takes care of our “Summer” since a couple of years. On Easter Monday, she sent us this picture of Summer, who is still a Beauty with her 10 years.