26 December 2011

Happy end for Lina

In 2007, we sold a Bearded ollie Male, Firstprizebears Galveston, to an American Family, who where posted in Spandahlem/GER. Very nice people with 4 well behaved children. One year later they wanted to buy a bitch, because they wanted to breed with it. She should match to Galveston. It was Firstprizebears Hazelwood. In the mean time they had got their 5 child, but as described, everything well organised. We had a nice email contact and every now and than a few question via phone. However, since a couple of months, I didn’t hear anything anymore from the Welton family. I thought that they had gone back to the United States or had been posted somewhere else. They will contact me, I thought. This was a mistake!!!!

A couple of months ago, I received an email from the Granse family in Hamburg, that Hazelwood was with them and they had gotten her from Beardie Rescue. I didn’t understand a thing. Hazelwood, Beardie Rescue????

Apparently, it was too much for the Welton family after having had the 7th child, that they gave the two beautiful beardies to the animal shelter. Via that way, they got to Dr. Baumgartner’s Beardie Rescue. In the mean time they had both been trimmed and sterilized.

The Granse family in Hamburg fell in love with the brown Hazelwood and took her into their house. They also have an old Beardie Male.Just around the corner from where Lina, as Hazelwood is called now, lives her littersister Havanna, with whom she already is close friends.

We are very happy that Lina has found such a good home. On the other hand we are sad that the Welton family did not contact us. We would have taken the two back immediately. Now Galveston is somewhere an hopefully found a good home as well, but unfortunately we do not know where he is right now. It is a pity, but the animal shelter does not want to give the address oft he people where he is right now. The only thing that could happen is if the new owners would contact us.

Let us hope this happens some day.

The Granse family has send us two pictures from Lina (Hazelwood).