8 April 2012

Heidi’s puppies 2 weeks old

Yesterday two weeks ago, our Heidi/Jazz puppies were born. It is a very quiet litter, giving lots of joy and not too much work. Heidi really is a super mom and the puppies are happy for 24 hours around the clock. Their weight is also going very well. Today we have cut their nails for the first time so that they do not scratch Heidi’s milkbar too much.

In stead of Eastereggs, they had their first wormcure today. As always, it didn’t taste well, but it has to be. More or less the puppies  are walking on their 4 feet thru the welphinbox and today we noted how two of them where playing together. Tomorrow, as an Easter treat, we will give the puppies “Terra Canis Lamb with zucchiniflowers”. I am anxcious to see wether they like it or not.

Offcourse the picture had te be taken together with the Easterbunny. What else…

The 3 males

2 weken 3 reuen

our 4 girls

2 weken 4 teven