26 June 2011

Int-Show Genk/Belgium

Everthing we hoped and dreamed for happened. Mr. Freddy Declerq/B. judged at the int-Show Genk/Belgium the Bobtails and Beardies. First the Beardies were on and our “Firstprizebears Hitchkock” had to go first. Mr. Declerq was impressed by his qualities and made him best male with CACIB and CAC. Now he officially is a Belgian Champion. In fact this was everything we hoped for this day. Vicky van Tichelen was present in the youthclass with her “Firstprizebears Beatit” and became 2nd. Then it was the turn of the Schmidt-ladies, Firstprizebears Havanna and Hepburn, alias Coco and Shanti. They had to make their breedingcertificate and were therefor shown in the openclass. Harry showed Shanti and got an Excellent, I myself showed Coco and got 3 Excellent. Big happyness. The nice “Firsrpizebears Enfield” daughter (Black Cooper Evening star), owned by Anita Cornelis who was shown in intermediare class became Best bitch and “Hithckock” BOB. After this the Bobtails had to be shown and our young “Doro” became best junior in breed. In the big ring we also had lots of success. Mr. Manders/NL judged all Juniors and gave “Doro” the 3rd place of all juniors in breed. Mr. Machetanz/Germany judged group 1 and “Hitchkock” also became 3rd in the group. All wishes were fulfilled.

Hitchkock and Doro