23 May 2012

It is empty

The room for Heidi her children is almost empty. Only our “Lotte” is still here together with the brown male from Paz in Israel. He still needs his rabies vaccination and that will take about three weeks. We met Paz at the World Winner in Salzburg, Austria and she is anxious to see her fat brown one. Paz already has 2 Bearded Collies from our friend Lenka Klimova and her father breeds Lhasa Apso. Since 1988 we have sold several Bobtails to Israel, but this is our first Beardie.

Lee Curtis was picked up by the Family Hermadi on Monday. They will go, after having worked in Cologne for 10 years as journalists, back to their home country in Indonesia. Mr. Hermadi always wanted to have a Beardie. The journey back, has not been book definately, because they have to wait and see if all the blood tests are okay. The puppy out of the litter by Donna Summer needs some time before he is finished with his vaccinations. In the new homeland everybody is anxiously waiting for the arrival of the two puppies.

We wish the new owners, Heidi and Jazz’s puppies all the best for the future.