7 June 2011

It was hot in Mannheim Germany

Last Saturday, with four dogs in our luggage, we travelled to the Specialshow in Mannheim Käfertal. On our way down it was very hot and in between we had terrible rain showers on the Motorway. They were so heavy that driving was almost impossible. In Mannheim it was hot, moist and dry. Sleeping is a hotel with 4 dogs is no problem and all of them behaved very well. The show terrain belong to a German Shepherd club, with lots of space and excellent service. Cup of Coffee, fresh bun and a piece of homemade pie for € 3,-!!!!! Judge for both breeds this day was Mr. Tibor Gellen from Hungary. The judging started at 10.00h and finished at 12.15h. Thank heaven. In the meantime we had 32 degrees Celsius and I had shown all four dogs. Everything we could win we won.

Here the pictures from the show.


First it was Hitchkock’s turn and everything went well: CAC, VDH-SA.


Next was “Lilli”


The judge liked our “Lilli” best and she became Best of Breed with CAC-VDH-SA and due to this she fulfilled the conditions for the German and VDH Champion titles.


3 days of washing and combing was more than rewarding. Our Showteam won: BOB Firstprizebears Hellen Hunt, new German and VDH Champion. Firstprizebears Hitchkock, CAC-VDH-SA. Zeppeline Alcapone and BOB Himmlisch aus dem Elbe Urstromtal new German and VDH Champion