17 November 2011

James Dean, Just Beati it and Jerry Lewis

3 litterbrothers and sisters were succesfully on the road the past weekend in 3 different countries. For me as a breeder is like heaven full of twinkeling stars. Probably we have done everything right with this combination as 4 other brothers and sisters out of this litter are doing more than well also.

Firstprizebears  Jerry Lewis travelled toghether with his owner Denis from Moscow to Tatu in Estonia. Here he won on Saturday and Sunday the Res-CACIB and CAC. Now it is waiting until he gets 27 months old to get the titel of Estonian Champion. The results can be found on his page.


Firstprizebears James Dean was again very succesful on the road this time to the show in Bilbao/ESP. He  won again Best Junior and best Junior of group 1, Judge was Mrs. Argente/ESP. Firstprizebears-James-Dean-Bilbao-11-2011

Well, and then our „Beat-It“. Until recently called, by Vicky van Tiggelen (her owner) and me, the Diver. This because she dives in every mudpool. That also implies that she turns her beautiful coat into a chaos. Slowly the ugly duck is changing into a beautiful swan. At the Belgium Bearded Collie Clubshow, Mrs Janet Wood/UK judged and Firstprizebears Just Beat it won the Youthclass and became later Best Junior in Show. Apparently the judge was slightly touched by her, because if she would have been a little older she would have become Best Bitch. This statement was made by the judge to Vicky van Tiggelen after she finished judging. Simply said super, Vicky and Beat It.

This picture is made by Anita Verkennis, who toghether with her Enfield son from Caln of Storks won the Youthclass at this show.