4 June 2013

Jerry Lewis Champion in Lithuania and Heidi Klum in Brussels

Since a couple of weeks, “Heidi Klum”  is living with us. Off course, a beautiful dog like she is, has to be showed. She is missing the third nation to be able to carry the title of International Champion. Therefore she was entered at the Show in Brussels. The Norwegian judge Iversen was supposed to judge here. Actually I had thought not to be able to be here as our Bobtail bitch has to deliver her babies. This, she did very kindly on Saturday, so that I could drive on Sunday morning with “Heidi” and “Doro” the Bobtail, to Brussels.

As soon as I arrived here, I heard that Mr. Iversen had been hit by a hart attack and was in Hospital and the organization was looking for a replacement judge. That was exciting. Than it was announced that Mr. Wulteputte from Belgium was going to judge. He himself had Bobtails and Beardies. I do not even know his Kennel name. The disappointment was enormous, as we had gone for a foreign judge and it would have been nice if another foreigner would have judged. I had to think over if I wanted to do this to myself, but everyone is entitled to get a chance. In this case the first and the last chance.

“Heidi Klum” did, according to Mr. Wulteputte,  not have enough qualities to win the Champion Class and became 2nd.

Here a few photo’s of Heidi in Brussels.


and during running


“Firstprizebears Jerry Lewis“was with his owner travelled from Moscow to Vilnius in Lithuania. Here, 2 shows where held in one weekend. On Saturday he won CACIB, CAC and BOB under Mr. Eeralu/Fin and on Sunday he had the same results with Mrs. Baranauska/Lit. With these 2 CAC’s he now is a Lithuanian Champion. Well done Denis.