7 December 2012

Johnny Cash, Verona and Santarem/Port

Being home for a weekend for us, doesn’t mean that out Firstprizebears aren’t winning somewhere. Facebook, a blessing ad a curse at the same time, brought us the news that we have a new champion amongst us. Laura Porquier from Pisa/IT was with “Firstprizebears Johnny Cash” at a show in Cyprus. Here, he won the necessary CAC’s and is now a Cypriot Champion. He is a litter brother of John FK, Jerry Lewis and Just Beat-it, who on their turn are already champions. Their parents are Ch. Firstprizebears Enfield and Ch. Firstprizebears Donna Summer. This ltter seems to be special. Three other dogs from this litter can also become champion: James Dean, Jackie O and Jade Jagger. Two bitches from this litter, also first class, I have probably sold to the wrong people. Firstprizebears Jerry Hall was sold to France. These people have taken her, as a puppy, from show to show and all of a sudden the dissapeared. No letter arrived, no e-mail was answered. Read: Until today I don’t know what has happened with this dogs. Her litter sister “Firstprizebears Jane Fonda”, who got sold to people from the Netherlands, has had a glorious carreer in the Youth Class and also became a Youth Champion. Her Last Show she had during the Winner in 2011, since that time I have not heard anything of her anymore, nor did I hear something from her owner. However, via the well know bushdrums I know, that she has given this beautiful bitch to friends, because she was too selfconfident. Isn’t it a pity, that when you have a Ferrari at your house, you are only used to drive the scooter. But whatever. I guess that that, are the shadow sides of a breeder.

This is the only picture I have sofar from Ch. Firstprizebears Johnny Cash.

Ch. Firstprizebears Johnny Cash Cyprus Ch.

Fernando and Sergio where with their “Firstprizebears Kim Carnes” at the Int-Show of Verona/IT. Here the Hungarian Mr. V. Kardos judged and Kim became 2nd in theYouth Class.

Firstprizebears Kim Carnes

Also last weekend, Alberto Sanchez together with Oscar Largo had driven to Santarem in Portugal. Here there was a 2-day show. Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the judge yet, but Firstprizebears Larry King, became Best Puppy of Breed at both days . At the second day, “Firstprizebears James Dean“, became Best of Breed and won Group 1. A very large success, the more if you know that Cristina Andres, the wife of Alberto was sick and could not show herself. A great success for our Spanish Firstprizebears Fanclub.

Firstprizebears Larry King (Photo: Oscar Largo)

Firstprizebears Larry King

and Firstprizebears James Dean, Winner of Group 1 (Photo: Dogs on Top)

Firstprizebears James Dean Santarem/Port

and again James Dean

Firstprizebears James Dean

showing his wonderful movement at this show

Firstprizebears James Dean