17 March 2015

June’s puppies 3 weeks old

Apologies, but last week it was not possible to make any pictures. The poor breeder Conny has/had the flue and the man about the house was, until yesterday, in the United States and had first to recover from an enormous jetlag. Monday the puppies moved to the front part of the kindergarden in the kennel. Mama June is living in the back part, so that at any given time she can get to her little babaies. In the mean time they have learned, to eat the good tasting minced meat. This is something that one should have seen, how 10 little puppies gather around the manger (“hood”) and shuff this until the last krumm through the area. And power they have. They look like little bulldozers. A wormcure was also part of the programme. The eyes have fully opened and they also walk a little. Today, they day after the move they walk in their new dog run and explore their own little, big world. Here already an impression. This was still in our kitchen. June was laying with al her kids outside the whelping box, while I was cleaning it.

pups june 2 weeks

That silver thing is the “hood”. The manger where the minced meat was in. After they had eaten everything, they fell a sleep in and around the manger.  june welpen 2 weeks essen

the 5 Boys 3 weeks old

2 weeks 5 boys

typical Boys, 2 looking to the right and the rest the other way

2 weeks june lasse 2 re 3 li teven

the 2 blue Boys 3 weeks old

2 weeks 2 blue boys

the 5 Girls

2 weeks june lasse 5 girls

the blue Girl

2 weeks blue girl

Harry today, Tuesday with the two blue males, who are 3 weeks old today.

June Welpen Harry blaue Rüden

some photo of the second and third week. Sleeping in  the Little fluffy baskets

2 weken lekker slapen

relaxed sleeping


the the bigger kindergarden in the dogshouse

3 week pups June Lasse

sweet dreams , cosy because the heatingplate is in use

3 weken pups lasse en june