2 March 2015

June’s puppies are 4 days old

That was our dramatic Saturday.

I am sad, angry, helpless and will never get used to it. Saturday, we had to let the smallest puppy go over the Rainbowbridge. He was born with only 180 gram, but fit. Because he was so little and his mommy doesn’t have 11 nipples, I had to, 24 hours around the clock, make sure that he could drink at a nipple. And so he did. However he didn’t gain any weight and didn’t want to drink from a bottle, after which I gave him extra milk via the sonde. Thursdayevening he drank from the bottle for the first time and he gained 10 grams. I was so happy. Tonight, he again didn’t want to drink from the bottle, but only from the nipple. Since this morning he got weaker and weaker, didn’t want to drink anymore at all and his color was far from baby pink. I suspected the most terrible. And so it was. He did worse and worse. June, his mother extra licked him and took care of him, but there was no more hope. To save him from a long and deadly fight, our veterinarian put him down to sleep around 17.00 hours. Something like this always makes me depressive. I really did everything to help him 24 hours around the clock, every 2 to 3 hours and all was for nothing. This always puts me in a depressive mood. The good news is that the other 10 puppies of June are doing excellent. My last night on the couch was delightfully quiet and I could sleep a little longer. In the passed nights I had to get up every 2 hours to look after the little one.

Pictures of our 10 puppies. The males are starting first.

4 dagen 5 reutjes

the girls

4 days girls

and from behind, like pearls on a string.

4 dagen backdside teven

a Special place to sleep

best place to sleep